Anna in front of the Atomium in Belgium

Early in her career, Anna Rita decided to embark on an adventure from Rome, Italy to Brussels, Belgium, and joined Syneos Health (then Kendle) in 2008 as an in-house Clinical Research Associate (CRA). While gaining experience in clinical trials and progressing within the company, Anna Rita was also exploring Brussels and getting to know the cultural spots that would become her favorite places! Twelve years later, Anna Rita is a Senior CRA II on our General Medicine team calling Brussels “home”.

Q: You have been a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) with Syneos Health for over a decade! …

Numerous vaccine and drug trials are underway, and Syneos Health is actively working with multiple customers to develop COVID-19 treatment and a vaccine, while keeping our mission of shortening the distance from lab life top of mind.

For employees like LeAnne, finding a vaccine therapy designed to eradicate the virus is at the forefront of her work today. She is currently overseeing the clinical management of a COVID-19 vaccine trial with the ultimate goal of accelerating new therapies to patients.

LeAnne, one of our Senior Clinical Operations Leader (Sr. COL) in the General Medicine business unit, works to ensure that…

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Anna, Associate Director of Biometrics, embodies our Syneos Health values of challenge, collaboration, and passion as part of FSP 360 — our functional service provider team. We asked her to share how these values come to life in her day-to-day work and the importance of statistical programming in bringing new therapies to patients.

Passionate to Change Lives

In her 13 years working with Syneos Health, Anna has been fortunate to witness two of her trials advance from lab to life — a process that can take an average of 12 years!

Karina De Lazzari, Syneos Health’s VP of Latin America Clinical Operations — based in Buenos Aires, Argentina — leads our Latin American clinical monitoring and oversees operations across the region. Sound like a big job? It is — because she works across all departments to ensure our business is built to thrive and grow in this key region.

But that’s not all! In addition to her role at Syneos Health, Karina was elected President of CAOIC (Cámara Argentina de Organizaciones de Investigación Clínica). She plays an active role in ensuring the Latin America region, and specifically Argentina, have the same…

“Do you have a friend at work?” … a question from a recent workplace engagement survey. It’s something that may not seem too important. We have jobs to get work done, not to make friends — right? But, unsurprisingly to me, research shows that people who have personal relationships with coworkers are happier in their jobs and stay with the company longer.”

Since joining Syneos Health in 2012 (then INC Research), Compton Gift has certainly experienced a career evolution. He’s changed roles, worked through a merger, and been a part of the Central Monitoring team’s transformation. Our Central Monitoring group drives solutions around data-focused monitoring and predicts issues that may arise on a study. Compton has been transforming the central monitoring role within our company since its early beginnings, so we wanted to ask what advice he has for someone looking to follow a similar path.

Q: Can you share how you first became interested in the CRO field and how you…

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See why our employees love living the #SyneosHealthLife

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